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A brand new IRC

Dear friends, 

Over the last year and a half IRC has been going through an intensive process of brand and identity renewal. Why?  Basically because we've changed substantially in the last few years and our identity needs to reflect that change. Since 2007 we've been strengthening our belief – through large-scale research and evidence gathering – that the only solution to the crisis in water and sanitation for over two billion people is the universal provision of sustainable services. In partnership with many WASH sector players and with major investors we've been mapping the complex processes and approaches required to achieve this. Not for nothing has our strapline changed to 'supporting water, sanitation and hygiene services for life'.   

This work has changed us. In short, while not losing sight of our long history as a respected, but possibly somewhat dry, sector knowledge repository, we've become an unashamedly mission driven think-and-do tank using knowledge and evidence to drive change that leads to more people having access to water, sanitation and hygiene services. To walk the talk, we've opened country offices in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Uganda, and become part of long-term sector change processes in those countries with a growing network of partners. Our entry point is the knowledge, skills, practices necessary to make investment in infrastructure yield services that last, providing universal access to services that meet minimum quality standards, and that are sustained over time: everyone, forever. 

As part of the process of updating our brand and identity to reflect these changes, we've taken the opportunity to put our digital house in order. As early adopters of all things digital, our various offerings had exploded into a vibrant but chaotic family of websites, blogs and forums, moving us away from our primary goal of providing an easily accessible forum to our users. We've therefore undertaken a mammoth pruning operation, centred on a completely renewed website and supported by a smaller but richer family of newsletters and social media. We hope you're going to like it!

This newsletter, and the new website are something we're thinking of as a "minimum viable product".  Over the months to come we will deepen and enrich the site.  And we'd hugely appreciate your help.  If there's something you felt was useful and you don't find it back – then let us know.  Equally, if there's a service that you appreciate that isn't there – then tell us.  One of our objectives is to continue to support a strong culture of sharing, discussion and learning throughout the WASH sector, indeed without these practices we will be unable to build the collective action so clearly needed in the sector. We have invested in this new website because we are convinced that it can serve as a backbone that can help do this – but it is only you - our friends, clients, users - who can make it truly live and achieve the goals we have for it.

So, hoping that you enjoy our new look and more importantly find the renewed content and mission useful. We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas and working with you to ensure that everyone has access to water, sanitation and hygiene services for life. 

   All the very best, 

   Patrick Moriarty, CEO IRC

28 April 2014

1.    IRC launches new website

2.    Monitoring decentralised WASH in West Africa

3.    Key sector players talk about IRC

4.    Share your approach or tool!

5.    IRC and Aguaconsult launch 'IRCconsult'

6.    Hilton Foundation awards US$ 3 million to IRC for work in Ghana 

7.    Announcements

IRC launches new website

IRC has launched a new website to promote the development of effective and sustainable water and sanitation services. Read more


IRC's approach International

Monitoring decentralised WASH in West Africa

It's 40°C in Ouagadougou, not an ideal temperature when you're hosting an international seminar on monitoring. IRC Burkina Faso country director Juste Nansi tells us how it went. Read more


Monitoring Burkina Faso

Key sector players talk about IRC

Ned Breslin & John Sauer (Water for People), Dick van Ginhoven (DGIS) and Sam Parker (WSUP) give comment on IRC's role and value in the face of the challenges in the WASH sector. Read more


IRC's approach International

Share your approach or tool!

You have until the end of May 2014 to submit your approach or tool for sustainability for the fifth WASH Sustainability Forum. The Forum takes place from June 30th to July 1st in Amsterdam.  Harold Lockwood reveals why you should join IRC for this exciting event.  Read more

IRC's approach International Monitoring

IRC and Aguaconsult launch 'IRCconsult'

A  new consultancy venture aims to bring high quality professional advice and technical assistance on the WASH sector to clients around the world. Read more


Hilton Foundation awards US$ 3 million to IRC for work in Ghana 

IRC has been awarded US$ 3 million to ensure that over the next three years, 1.3 million people in Ghana will have access to water services that last: not just for a year or two - but indefinitely. Read more

IRC's approach Ghana


Vacancies IRC Burkina Faso

IRC online course schedule 2014

Multimedia Journalism & Water (course), 3 - 21 November 2014

IRC PO Box 82327, The Hague, 2508 EH, Netherlands   


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